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Red 24 inch Bike


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I found a great bike for my daughter that is a Polaris 250MSR 24" boys bike from Dick's sporting goods but it's out of our price range at a $149.99. I wanted to keep it under $100 does anyone have any coupons I could use for Dick's or know where I could find a similar bike cheaper? Or even a RED bike 24inch anywhere?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Rallye Trail Climber 24" Girl's Mountain Bicycle $89.99





Why does she want a boys bike? The bar in the middle will be too high....





They have other ones too....



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$77.00 Ladies' Roadmaster Mountain Sport SX All Terrain Bike







24" Girls' Roadmaster Mountain Sport All Terrain Bike $69.00









Next 24" Boys' Power Climber Bike $89.00





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Yes, she wants a red boys bike OR a red girls bike NOT pink, red. She's my tomboy.:)

Awe, thats so cute..I would def try and check out the one in walmart for $89 looks nice...






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Thanks everyone for the help...we talked to a couple of biking people and they told us it was actually a little dangerous for her to get a boy's bike when she couldn't reach the ground. So we found one of the ones suggested above at Walmart and we managed to find it in a dark purple not that "sissy" light purple. A dragon helmet helped make the day! :D
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