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Great deal on Jonas Brothers Concert & Princess Protection Program DVD's

love a deal

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The Jonas Brothers Concert & Disney's Princess Protection Program DVD's are on sale this week at Target for $15.99 each. If you buy both you get a $10.00 gift card and there is also a $10 off coupon if you buy both http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/rockinoffer/


So you get both DVD's for $21.98 and a $10 gift card which make the DVD's $5.99 each if you consider the gift card cash:)

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Thanks, never hurts to try!


Just back from Target. I WAS able to use both coupons. I handed the cashier the $5 coupon 1st and then the other. I bought several things while there with several coupons. The important thing was to keep the cashier engaged in small talk. She was very friendly too.

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I just got back from Target and I wasn't able to use both coupons, just the $10, but it was worth a try.


Great deal, thanks OP! Now I can say that I have officially started Christmas shopping. I'm putting these away for DD. :D

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