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Looking for display case for baseballs

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I am getting ready to try to find a display case to put my son's baseballs on from his homeruns this year....


I don't know what they are called... my husband has one for golf balls and it's like 3 shelves with indentations for the golf balls and then he can mark on the shelf in front of them what they are from (hole in one, date, etc)


Any assistance with what they are called or where to find a deal on one for my son would be awesome... as we have 2 home runs so far and we are only a quarter of the way through the season....


Thanks :)

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lillian vernon has some display cases. DH asks for plastic display cases - as he collects autographed balls (and pucks... dang) he got a 12 pack last year for his birthday (or hanukkah) and was thrilled
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