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Save extra 50% off clearance at Hot Topic


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Thanks much. Got some school shopping done for my oldest daughter-- 3 tees, 1 hoodie and 2 pairs of pants for 43.00. Gosh, the shoes were such a great price, but I hate to buy if she doesn't see them first. Oh well... Happy with what I got. :)
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Did you all already have an account with them? If you don't, can you create one and then use the Bday code all at once? Has anyone ever used the code multifple times during the year?

For others looking, the prices shown already have the discount...I thought it was taken off in the cart & it wasn't.


Edit: OK so no one answered so I created an account, using my real BD month, not this month, and was able to use the code right away. 2 tees and a hoodie for $13.xx


When I searced under my size/clearance, it brought up a few items that I didn't see searching just the clearance.

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