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Is this a good deal for a Wii?

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Until now, I haven't been paying too much attention to the Wii deals but now DH says he wants one so I'm trying to learn quickly.


BestBuy has them this week $249 including 1 remote, 1 nunchuck and it says it comes with a Wii sports game.


Then you get a free $20 gift card with the wii.


I know $249 is the regular price but does the GC make it a good deal or should I just keep waiting?

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there's a few deals on walmart.com if you look up "wii bundle" but most come around to be same price as if you were purchasing the items separately. (they might throw in a free game which would be good enough if you're going to buy the game anyway)

EDIT: the $299.99 bundle @walmart.com is $10 cheaper than buying items separately (wii,extra wii remote, extra nunchuk) and includes a free game.


here's a side deal for the wii:

Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuck (REFURBISHED) - NXW-024 - $11.99 free shipping (reg $19.99)




Official Nintendo Wii Wireless Remote (REFURBISHED) - NXW-022 - $22.99 free shipping (reg. $39.99)


(this may be sold out so keep checking for it to come back in stock)

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also..if he's looking to get the new game Punchout, Target is having a sale where you buy it for $54.99 (reg. $49.99) and get a Nunchuk (retails for $19.99 separately) for the additional $5 difference between regular game price and combo price


bundle this with Wii Play ($49.99@target, $44.74@walmart) and get the Wii play game with a bonus Wii Remote ($39.99 value).


So there's value in finding items here and there :)

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