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Bose coupons or discounts

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From what I know they have pretty fixed pricing so it's unlikely to get a break on them. What you can probably do is get the salesman to throw in extended warranties for free, give you discounts on other products in the same purchase, etc.


Also, what purpose will these speakers have and what price range are you looking to spend? We have lots of Bose products around my house, but many people don't seem to like them compared to others available for the same price, maybe we can help you look for alternatives?

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I'm looking at the Marine 131's and the outdoor 151SE. Yes, everywhere has the same price, including their outlet store. We had a set on our last boat and loved them so I don't think I will go wrong there. The outdoor ones, when your at an amusement park or business where there are outdoor speakers year round they are almost always bose, so that's why I'm sticking with the bose brand.
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