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Sears Ultra Plus 17.3 lb Laundry Detergent ($24) $11.99 @ Sears.com


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Sears has the Ultra Plus laundry detergent for half off. Choose in-store pick-up for free shipping.





High Performance Cleaning Action at a low cost per wash. Removes tough dirt and stains and is safe for all machine washable fabrics and colors. He rated for use in ALL WASHER TYPES including new High Efficiency and Traditional Top Loaders. Long lasting 17.3 lbs. box will last 180 washloads under normal use.


* High Efficiency Enzyme cleaning action helps to remove your toughest ground-in dirt and stains

* Color protection ingredient resists fabric fading

* Suspends soils for clear rinses

* Cleans in all water temperatures

* Formulated for use in ALL WASHER MODELS

* Non Phosphate and Safe for Septic Systems

* More compact dosage and packaging means Less Waste to Recycle

* Long lasting supply and economical cost per wash=best value

* Available only at Sears


This product is:


* Available for Gift Wrap

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I've used it for the past year, and really like it. It works great in our HE Washer, doesn't suds up like normal detergent. Not really the greatest smell, but if you use fabric softener, it doesn't matter. I get it in the 5 gal bucket, so it lasts a LONG time.
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What the heck - I'm going to give it a try. I need laundry detergent anyway and I still have a $5 GC for Sears that I got free. I'll let you know what I think, I'm pretty loyal to Tide where laundry soap is concerned so this is a chance, but if I really don't like it I'll give it to my mom she'll use anything!
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