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Need help finding a book on identifying edible plants growing wild

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Where could I get a book on things that grow wild that are safe to eat?? I know dandelions are safe and poke salat:gdlicklips:, but I would like to be able to get a "survival" type book to identify all types of edible plants around. Where would I find something like that??:fluffy:


My sis is REALLY wanting one for her Birthday this year and she has had no luck, so I thought maybe I could surprise her! TIA:cheesy:

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I din't ev en think about googling edible plant book. I was typing in survival of pandemics. That was she was looking up. It was just taking me to infomational pages. THANK SO MUCH! I ordered four different books! I sent her two and two to me.:smart:


With that swine/bird/human flu MIXTURE that has turned up in the states here she is in a full out panic attack. I have a really full huge pantry at all times, so I do not worry about it as much, but I thought they may be something great to have in our survival box/kit anyway! I got one that had wild grown medicines! Thanks "scout":D

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