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Beginner Bass Guitar

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Musiciansfriend.com or Giardinellis.com are sister companies. They sell at least 50% off. I bought my son's electic guitar there. It was a Warlock and i paid about 150 for it. They have cheaper. When my son started band, the local music store wanted 800 rent to own a trumpet. That was for a student version. I went to Giardinelli's online and got the intermediate version which list priced at 1200 for 450. They have hot buys every month with guitar packages. SIt's a wonderful place.
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in my opinion you should probably get a guitar thats going to last, a cheapy might be all you can afford, but try setting a price limit and get the best one you can for that price, instead of a cheapo no name. Fender has good long lasting bass guitars. The thing about buying a cheapy in general is the sound could be off, or it might need tuning all the time. that can be a hassle especially when learning and you dont have an ear for tuning yet. We often shop pawn shops for musical instruments, you can get some great deals especially right now. Dont forget to visit your local small music shop, talk with the guys there and they could probably point you in the right direction. Our local store always has ads for people selling equipt. If he stops playing at least you could resell a quality piece.
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My 2 cents....


My boys started out with cheap models. It would be great to be able to afford a really nice guitar if you KNOW your child will stick to it. But at 13 it could go either way. My two oldest boys started about that age. Both are still playing and now 22 and 17. My oldest has a Gretsch now. But their tastes change. The styles they want at 13 won't be what they want at 22. I would start out with a starter or even used. You can always sell it and get a newer one. But you want to know your child is ready to take care of an expensive guitar before getting one.


My oldest now has a Stand up Bass, a banjo, a BUNCH of guitars, and now plays bass in a band. So his musical tastes will probably change and the style he wants may change too.


I will start my youngest (7 and 9) out with cheaper models too when they are ready. When they prove they will stick to it and take care of it, then I will upgrade them too if they prove themselves.


Guitar Center and Musician's Friend usually has great deals.






We've found a few deals at Sam Ash too. But my oldest likes Guitar Center best. HTH

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