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Save $750 on Select $1499+ Dell Inspiron & Dimension Systems - Dell Home Office


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I think that if this deal didn't suck it wouldn't still be active. Oh well, probably for the best. I'm not 'scheduled' to buy a new system until November and I'd hate to be sorely tempted by a fantastic deal.

It's not that this deal "sucks" (half off a laptop is still a hot deal) but that Dell has had so many deals, including several of these $750-off-$1499 (on selected configs) in the past few weeks/months that anyone who wants a laptop has either already ordered one, or are going to wait until the "real" $750 off $1499 next month (hopefully). 11,000 uses is still a lot to go through...
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Brad, what is the difference with this $750 off and the "real" $750 off?

I talked about it a little in this thread. But basically this coupon limits you to those configurations on that page. In most cases you can't upgrade things like the processor, hard drive size, etc... With the "real" coupon, it's good on pretty much any configuration. So if you want a CPU faster than 1.6GHz, you can get it. If you want a bigger hard drive, you can get it. You just have more options when configuring them. Of course if one of the selected configs for this deal has exactly what you want for over $1499, then it's just as good. But most people want to configure it exactly how they want it.
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Additional comment to Brad's:


There are also $750 off $1800 coupons (weekly? not as talked about as the "half off" $750 off $1500+ ones). Anyway, if you really want a Dell configured more memory faster processor larger HDD, etc. then you will be up to the higher base price (and still get to use a $750 off coupon). My point is that these "higher base price" coupons seem to have fewer restrictions on what you can and need to get!


Best of all is the (once per year?) $750 off $1500 with no limitations or pre-configurations. I used that in March to get exactly and only what I wanted (for a friend's graduation present). For myself I bought almost the same system but $75 more in the June $750/1500 offering because the 1 year at-home service was mandatory. I didn't try to get Dell to drop this. I also was prevented from getting the 7200rpm disk drive for my special.

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