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maybe the new Kodak one that has ben advertised a lot lately? It is supposed to be the most cost effective for printing/ink. ?


I know I have seen TV commercials where you get a special bundle thing with ink and everything for pretty cheap, but that was a couple of weeks ago?

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If you will be using a lot of color it's best to get one where you can buy the individual colors. LIke a Canon. If you use brown for instance you use all your yellow and still ahve plenty of the other colors and still have to replace the cartridge anyway. My momm's canon had individual cartridges about 6.00 apiece and she used lots of the yellow and hardly ever had to replace the other two.It's more cost efficient that way.
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it is cheaper to just by a new printer than to buy the ink. Any suggestion?

Usually the ink that comes with a new printer is only a starter cartridge, with much less ink.

I also agree with a PP about getting a printer where you can change the colors separately.

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