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USB Drivers????

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Could someone tell me what i might need a USB driver for.target has them on sale starting Sunday for $6.99 and if ya buy 2 you get a $5 G.C. kinda sounds like a nice deal but not sure what to do with them(LOL).BTW they are 1GB.Also if they are for storing things on how much will 1GB hold.Im just curious to see what E-1 uses them for.
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I use them to transfer files between computers. It is much easier/faster than burning to cd/dvd and using those. They are very convienient. Now I only need to quit loosing them!

As for how much will 1GB hold? It depends on what you want to put on there!


$6.99 isn't a very good price for them. You can get 2GB (double the size) for that price all day long online.

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