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Amazon.com shipping to different address


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I've bought 2 Christmas presents this year (Toys) and had no problems shipping them over to my cousin in Colorado. One was sold by Amazon and the other sold from Target but fulfilled by Amazon. She also bought and send presents for me and I got them just fine.


I did wanted to mention one hiccup though in both of our transactions. This might be common knowledge (althought this was news to me and to her) but apparently they attach a gift receipt/note (if you choose to include one) on the outside of the box that is mailed under an address shipping label I think. It is not noticable at all and you really have to know that that is what they do or you will not find it!! So there's nothing inside the actual box. So when my cousin and her hubby got the present they had no clue who it was from or why or whatever.. I was also confused when I opened the box and there was no note and no receipt inside (well apparently my hubby knew exactly where the receipt was..so go figure..)

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