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Looking for Pacman CD holder


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for a car visor. my husband got one as a gift (either I or my sister got it). It was purchsed from Hot Topic a few years ago and they no longer carry it


His was stolen out of his car, CDs and all, and he is not happy, so I'd like to replace it.

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Conj I just checked Ebay and they have some PacMan CD holders..I did not see one specifically for the visor though :(. If I had a clue how to post a link I would do it but sadly I do not. I am planning on going to the flea market tomorrow and I will keep my eye open for one. Was it a certain design or color?


Anyways check out ebay, you may have the best luck there :yup:

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yes, I did find the ones on ebay, and I may resort to them if I can not find what I am looking for.


I think it was black w/ a pacman on the left, but I could be wrong - I never paid much attention to it.


I did post on the local free cycle looking for one ;)


I'd appreciate you looking while your at the flea market - I would gladly pay you for it, shipping and your time.

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