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Walgreens 10cents per picture w/50 prints


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Ok I have pics from disney last fall that I need to get printed out. You order them online but do you get them in the mail or do you go pick them up at the store?

I did this and will be picking them up in the store. I didn't even look if you could ship them as I wanted them in person.

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There are so many FREE offers out there for 4x6 prints that I would not pay .10 each (especially at Walgreens, for free they are great but their quality is not worth paying much for IMO)

Where are these FREE pictures?? I have tons to get printed? All of the ones I see have high shipping after 'free prints'. Do tell! :)

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One of the great things about Walgreens is that you can share your photos you upload to their website with other people.


I am in CA, I upload albums to Walgreens, share the album with my MIL via email and she orders them for pickup in her Walgreens in CO. She only buys the ones she wants and this is much easier and cheaper way than shipping. I used to choose the photos to send to her store but she likes choosing them so I just let her look through the whole album now :)

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