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Acer laptop 15.4", 3GB RAM, 160 GB HD - $348 at Walmart - starting Sunday, 1-25-09


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I went and looked at their online ad for my zip - here is the deal. The bad news is it says "available at most stores"




Acer AS5515-5879 Laptop Computer

While Supplies Last


* 15.4" LCD

* 3GB memory

* 160GB hard drive

* Reads and writes CDs and DVDs

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Do you know what kind of processor???

Reportedly it has the AMD Athlon 64 Processor 2650e (512KB L2 cache, 1.6GHz). We'll know for sure Sunday but that sounds right for that price point. They will also have a Gateway with an Intel® Pentium® T3200 Dual-Core Processor (2.00GHz, 667MHz FSB,1MB L2), 4GB memory, and 250 GB drive for $498 so you'll have a choice.
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Do you think I have to be there at opening to get one of these computers??

Depends on how many your store is getting but it probably would be a good idea to go early. A friend got the Gateway today since it's already ringing up at the $498 ad price, therefore I wouldn't be surprised if the Acer was also ringing up at the ad price today.
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Thanks OP, was surprized to find one of these in my local WM today. Purchased one for my son. He has an Acer that I purchased about 18mths ago that still works perfect.. too bad I killed the screen on it! Now he has a new one! Thanks!


PS, ACER is pretty darn good if you arent looking for a high end computer.

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