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Leapfrog sale... Leapster games $9.99, LMax $39.99


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didn't work for me either, but yes it is a good deal. i found the Leapster carrying case for $7.99 and a game carrying case for $5.99. Haven't ordered yet, tho. Wish it was free shipping.

Don't know if this will work but:


Coupon Code: FL8LSTR


Save $4 off on any Leapster game


Expires: 1/31/2009


Didn't see any games I wanted. so, hope it works for someone. Good luck, it's worth a shot.

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If you're looking for leapster games, I was just at circuitcity for their going out of business sale and they had lots of the games that were full price on leapfrog for $15 with an additional 10% off. So now I got some at leapfrog AND at the store. And we were done buying DD her bday presents a while back!
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So even the LMax games work on the Leapster 2 ?

yes, you will just not be able to unlock the TV games. Just like the Leapster 2 games will work on the original Leapster and the LMax version but you will not be able to unlock the extra online games that you get when you connect your leapster up to the Internet.

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