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Lumber Liquidators-- Need Promo code or coupon

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We just purchased a home and want to put down hardwood BEFORE we move in. Do you know of any discount code for lumberliquidators.com? Thanks


I have never heard of them having a coupon or discount code, but good luck. I hope that you find a code!

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Just an FYI My Dh has installed wood floors for 10 yrs. He has done 2 jobs that the people got wood from lumberliquidators. He had so many problems with the wood that he will no longer install wood from them. He feels like you get what you pay for. Good luck tho:) Edited by firestarter926
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I have seen some of the lumber from LL and it was just as god if not better than some I had seen at the retail shop in town. However I wasn't looking at getting the extremly cheap cabin/utility grade that is split and messed up though. After meeting with several installers, they all had no problem with LL and that is usually where they get their materials even building some of the 1/2 million dollar homes.


Still wish I had a code!

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