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Cordless phones

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Budget is as cheap as possible while still functional. :) I'd say under $100, $60 would be ideal (I've found some that cheap, but only 2.4GHz). I have a Costco membership, and I know someone who has a Sam's Club membership.
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Hey mugs,


Here are some options:


900MHz Uniden @ Amazon for $34.99 shipped (no answering machine):



5.8GHz VTech @ Amazon for $89.99 shipped:



I think most of the bundles at Sam's and Costco will be in the $130-150 range for 5.8GHz.


The 5.8GHz model at Amazon that I linked above got a few nice reviews. Positives were that the 2 phones use a shared address book, and they use standard AAA NiMH batteries, so no fancy proprietary batteries that you can't find. One negative someone mentioned is that it only supports these 2 phones, so if you need to add more later, you're out of luck. Still seems like a nice deal in your price range. I think I am going to post it on the main site in case anyone else is looking for a similar deal.

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Sweet Jebus, that Uniden is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot!

That is a great deal on a good cordless phone. Our trusty 3 year old Panasonic 900MHz is crystal clear and doesn't interfere with our 802.11b WiFi network which is an added plus :)

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