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local kmart is closing :(


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I can't believe ours is still open. It's really an old nasty store and I HATE going in there.

Either they don't have what they advertise, or they charge me the wrong price.

Grossly overpriced compared to Walmart if you ask me. I hate giving Walmart all of my business though.

My dream come true would be that Kmart closed and Target took their place ;)

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Saw one closing in Knoxville, TN this weekend. Went in. Not much there. Selling racks & then things were 30% - 50% off. Most of the good stuff must have been sent to other stores cause they only had crappy stuff. Everything seemed expensive even with discount. Micro mini ravioli was $1.39 with discount! Ridiculous.:shock:

There is still a K-mart in Maryville (15-20 minutes) away. It's actually clean. Not nasty like most K-marts.

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The Kmart by me should have closed years ago. I shopped there for the double coupon thing last week for the first time in many, many moons.


And guess what... it's STILL filthy (dead dried-up lizard on the floor right when I walked in, garbage in carts, dusty/faded merchandise, narrow aisles, half-empty shelves, employees who could use a lesson in hygiene, overall unkept feel). All of the things that drove me away two years ago--and then some--will keep me away again.


It's a shame, because the potential is there. It's in an otherwise busy shopping center with lots of newer residential development around it. If the head honchos would simply take some lessons and cues from inviting/successful stores such as Target, I think they'd do just fine.


The fixes they need to make are NOT rocket science or bank breakers; IMO, it's nobody's fault but their own if they go under.

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had one 15km away close ummm 5 years ago? then another about 20km away closed about 2 years ago. I got some great deals though.


Then the one closest to me closed about a year ago and had no warning. I drove to the Burger King in the same shopping centre and the store was closed. Just one day ago it was open. Weird....


But yea all of them were low class and dirty and messy. Only thing good they had was those cheap $5 Little Ceasers pizzas for sale.

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This is a list I found of the "newly" announced Kmart closings.



Closings Announced Feb. 26, 2009:



Super K 3901 HOLLAND ROAD VIRGINIA BEACH VA 23452 4/26/2009


Kmart 4000 GOLDENROD ROAD N WINTER PARK FL 32792 5/24/2009

Kmart 6600 N. RIDGE ROAD MADISON OH 44057 5/24/2009

Kmart 1120 SOUTH MAIN STREET BRYAN OH 43506 5/24/2009

Kmart 2601 HART STREET VINCENNES IN 47591 5/24/2009

Kmart 300 SUMMIT DRIVE LOCKPORT IL 60441 5/24/2009

Kmart 3200 W RIDGE PIKE EAGLEVILLE PA 19403 5/24/2009

Kmart 2800 34TH STREET NORTH ST. PETERSBURG FL 33713 5/24/2009

Kmart 2700 Dekalb Pike NORRISTOWN PA 19401 5/24/2009

Kmart 680 Signal Mountain Rd CHATTANOOGA TN 37405 5/24/2009

Kmart 27322 Carronade PERRYSBURG OH 43551 5/24/2009

Kmart 3951 34Th Street South ST. PETERSBURG FL 33711 5/24/2009

Kmart 9200 Wiles Road CORAL SPRINGS FL 33067 5/24/2009



FLS 7500 Crestwood Blvd. (Century Plaza) BIRMINGHAM AL 35210 5/31/2009

FLS 5599 Central Avenue CHARLOTTE NC 28212 5/31/2009

FLS 501 Randall Park Mall NORTH RANDALL OH 44128 5/31/2009


Grand/Essentials 951 U S ‐43 S SARALAND AL 36571 5/31/2009

Grand/Essentials 8540 Maurer Road LENEXA KS 66219 5/31/2009

Grand/Essentials 900 N Koehler St OSHKOSH WI 54902 5/31/2009

Grand/Essentials 15201 N Cleveland; Suite 1500 N. FT MYERS FL 33903 5/24/2009

Grand/Essentials 2505 El Camino Real TUSTIN CA 92782 5/31/2009

Grand/Essentials 4640 S Michigan St SOUTH BEND IN 46614 5/31/2009

Grand/Essentials 301 Noble Creek Dr NOBLESVILLE IN 46060 5/31/2009

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Our K-mart had a big remodeling sale.... Cleared everything out.... Now they are putting in a store called Gofer part of k-mart i guess..... You are suppose to be able to go online put in a order for something and then go through the drive thru and pick up your order.... We will see if it works here is Illinois
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i just cannot believe this store is still in business. I guess they have their place, in places where there are no other stores locally, but honestly, i look in the flyer and things look kinda cute, some of the furniture looks decent-then ive gone to the store-and ewwww. its so ugly, strange lighting-no thought to making it look nice..i havent been there in probably 5 years. the items in store are not as nice, they have nothing in stock-no logical footprint..i dont want to upset anyone who shops there, but i think its time to go.
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