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Car Rental 7/16-7/23 @ Fort Lauderdale, FL Airport

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I am going on vacation with my girlfriend from 7/16 to 7/23 in Fort Lauderdale, FL and will need to rent a car. The whole car rental thing really sucks because we are going on a cruise from 7/18-22 but will have no way to get to and from the boat in Miami :mad: . I'll even have to pay for parking at the dock too for the days of the cruise :curse: . All this while I have been out of work for 8 months.


Anywho, any coupon codes or ideas would be greatly appreciated. The best price I have been able to get have been $270-$300+.


Thanks in advance :D

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From the airport, you'll take the Tri-Rail shuttle (free). It will take you to the "Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport at Dania Beach" train station. You'll hop on the train south ($3 per person, one way) to the Tri-Rail/Metro-Rail transfer station. From *there*, you're going to have to use one of the many public transit methods available in Miami-Dade. They have a trip planner on their site, but it's not real-time, you submit what you're trying to do, and a Miami-Dade County Transit employee figures out how to do it and emails you back (give them 24-48 hours during the week to figure it out). You'll probably spend $3-5 on bus/train/shuttle tickets for this part. Total cost ~$3-8 per person each way, 2-4 hours of your time.



Broward County Transit (tri-rail shuttle to/from Fort Lauderdale station)

Tri-Rail (train from Fort Lauderdale to Miami-Dade)

Miami-Dade County Transit trip planner


Note that the tri-rail route you'd be using only runs once every two hours on the weekends, so plan accordingly...


You could always get a limo for the trip, probably cost you $50-100 each way, but you don't have to worry about a rental car, and you can start your vacation a bit early... ;)



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Thank you all for the suggestions. My darn cable modem has been out for 2 days :mad: and I just got it back. I haven't been able to look into any of these yet...but you better believe I will :D . I am staying with family for a few days before and after the cruise and my sister said that my brother-inlaw may be able to drop us off and pick us up but she mentioned that a few months ago and seems to have pulled back from that a bit recently :( .


Anywho, Thank you all again :D

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