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Amazon Large Item Shipping

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Amazon White Glove Service:




Televisions 40" and Larger


For televisions that are 40" inches or larger, we offer a "white glove" delivery service through our specialty shipper, CEVA. They will make special arrangements for the delivery of your order. Upon arrival at the shipper's local hub in your area, a representative from that facility will contact you by telephone to arrange a convenient time for delivery. You can expect a phone call from the shipper within 7 business days of the ship date.


Upon delivery, they will bring the parcel into your home, unpack the item, and remove all packaging materials. You will need to inspect your television carefully for damage or obvious defects while the shipper is still present. If you discover any damage, please refuse delivery. An adult signature is required at the time of delivery.


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I had a 60" HDTV delivered about a month ago by CEVA (via Amazon). The delivery guys brought it inside, but did not do the full "white glove" service of unpacking, etc... I contacted Amazon and they credited me what the shipping would have cost (over $100) if it wasn't free (which it was).


When I ordered, I was actually contacted by someone at Amazon who acted as a concierge for the transaction and was available via e-mail or phone for any questions, complaints, etc...

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I got a big screen hdtv at Amazon.com w/ the white glove service and it was great. We lived in an apartment at the time and they took up to the 2nd floor, unpacked it, put it on my TV stand. They verified that it worked before leaving.


Make sure it says white glove service when you order. Also, someone from the company that Amazon.com outsources delivery to will call you and set-up a delivery time.

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