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WOW Okay anyone else have this issue??


I ordered 2 NY Yankees photos at $1.98 each

a NY Yankee Statium poster for $6.99 and another print for $3.98 for a total of $14.98 then I used the 20% off code that took my total down to $11.94 it also waived the $12.99 S&H charge. Well, I went thru the order process and then it said on my order comf that my total charged was $17.54!!!! AND then on top of that it added some Football Winners poster I don't even know what it is nor did I even look at this item that is $6.99 into my order automatically! Everything I even looked at was Baseball since that is what my son's room is done in so I have NO clue how a football poster would have just magically appreared in my cart!

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