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Febreze Scentstories Player w/ 1 Disc WAS $32.99 IS $12.97 @ drugstore.com


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I have several of these in my house and LOVE them! :yup: Drugstore.com Febreze Scentstories Player with 1 Disc

regularly: $32.99

our price: $12.97

save 61% ($20.02)




Play scents like you play music


Select the disc you want to play, insert it into the player, close the lid and push play. As the disc plays, a quiet fan rotates through five scents, one every 30 minutes over the course of 2.5 hours. The player shuts off automatically after all five scents have been played. You can stop the player or skip through the scent tracks at any time. Discs are interchangeable and reusable.


* There are three intensity settings: Low, Medium, High. Adjust the intensity to suit the size of the room and the amount of scent you want.

* Each disc theme uses five complementary scents to create a rich, engaging scent experience. Because the scents change every 30 minutes, your nose never gets bored.

* With the touch of a button, the multi-dimensional environment created by every Scentstories disc theme takes you there.

* Since the discs are reusable, you can experience your favorite theme again and again.

* A disc will last about 20 plays (or 50 hours) on High intensity. Each disc plays for 2.5 hours, so 20 plays x 2.5 hours = 50 hours of play.

* The player comes with its own power cord.


Note: The Scentstories player only accepts Scentstories perfumed discs, and does NOT play music discs.



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Can the discs from Yankee Candle be used with this player?

Regardless, I just boughtr 4 of these for next years Christmas gifts, got free shipping and a $10 off $50 promo (APCFS20)


grand total was $41.88 (for 4 of them!)

Total savings of over $80!


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