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They were 4 for $10 at AC Moore the other day. I use to like candles but I can never find any that smell really good while burning so now I have been doing the wax/tarts! They have them at AC Moore cheap($1 or less) and our local store called 'Unkle Joe's Woodshed' for $0.88. They smell so good almost instantly.
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Unkle Joe's Woodshed lol cute name!

It is a cute store too,lol. I will have to get some pics sometime of the outside. It is kind of a "redneck" style wording all over the outside with misspellings but the inside has very nice decorations and a sporting goods type dept.


I just looked it up and it is actually "Unkel Joe's Woodshed" and there are many more locations! They sell the best candles, I think they are called Swan's Creek?

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