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Photo Book -- Create Your Own -- Where to go??

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This may sound silly, but I just can't remember the name of the site I saw on a commercial this morning.


It was about making photo creations, like mugs, shirts, etc. But what really sparked my interest was a photo book (hardcover) that was a recipe book. I think that one had pictures of Christmas cookies.

It made me think how great of an idea it would be to make one from this year's Christmas treats b/c I can never keep all of my recipes in one place.

We were watching Nickjr. and the website was something like www. (insert site name here that I think had the word "print" in it) .com/nick


Anywho, anyone ever make a book like this? What's a good place to do it??

Or if you happened to be watching a commercial this morning and remember the name, I'd appreciate it. I don't want to leave the TV on all day just to try to catch the commercial again. :)

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I get a book done every year w/ MyPublisher. I got identical books done the first year (five years ago) with MyPublisher and Snapfish/Shutterfly (can't remember which one) because I had free book coupons with both. I wanted to compare ease of use, service, quality. MyPublisher was better quality, so I've gone with them every year since.


If you can wait until after Christmas you'll get great discounts, no matter who you go with. MyPublisher just ended a 50% off promotion; I get four for the price of two, which takes care of all the parents/grandparents and leaves one for us for memories -- no more scrapbooking burden!


If you really want quality, I would also suggest checking out mpix.com .. it's a pro site that recently began offering photo books. (I can't afford them there though <g>)

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Thanks for your replies! I've only had time to check out artscow, but will check out the others soon.

I actually can't make it until after Christmas b/c it's going to be of the recipes that I'll be making in the next few weeks. So I have to make them and take pictures. :)

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If you're into scrapbooking or want the look of one, try scrapblog. So many options!! If you type recipe in the search you will probably come up with some ideas from books that others have made. I just made a photo book but haven't received it yet, though the people on the forums say they are nice!
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