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TRU BUY-ipod touch get 30$ + 15$ in gift cards


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I was just at TRU and the deal this week with the ipod touch was:


Buy an ipod touch and get:


Three 10$ iTunes gift cards AND a 15$ TRU gift card. That is a pretty good deal.


The weekly ad made it seem the $15 TRU gift card was just for the Nano but it is for both! I saw it rung up right before my very eyes.


Was this a mistake? The people at the store said no!


Anybody else get this deal?

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Yes I got that deal also, I bought my Ipod touch 3 weeks ago there and got a 10 dollar girft card, I kept the reciept and went back sunday morning and got the 30 dollar i tunes gift cards, the 15 dollar gift card and got to keep the 10 dollar gift card I recieved when I originally bought the i pod touch. Good deal!
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The gift card you get is not good for that purchase. But you could use it 10 minutes later. These cards expire quickly. This one expires Feb 1st, 2009 I believe. The $10 one I got in November (and used when buying the touch) expired Dec 25th or there about. So you do have to remember to use them. I say if TRU is not a regular stop for you then go stick the ipod in the car and go back in and keep shopping.
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