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Photo calendar deals?

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Does anyone know of a good deal on photo calendars? I have made them for my family the last several years and I've always printed them myself and just took them to Staples for binding, but the printing really takes forever and I'm just not going to have time this year. Most of the ones I'm seeing run $15-20 online and I need to do 6 of them. I just can't afford that. So, any deals out there? Thanks!
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Snapfish.com has them for $14.99 right now, and then if you do duplicates, you get 25% off the duplicates (has to be the same calendar). There is also a code for $10 off $25 which is COUPON7DEC.


I placed an order for 2 calendars last night, and with shipping, it was about $26. If you can have them printed up locally, that will save you some money as well.


Good Luck!

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