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Toddler cowboy boots

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Okay, so I have a three year old son who LOVES cowboy boots. The problem is the place in town that I could buy them from (at a reasonable price) has closed. I need some major help to find him some inexpensive boots. We've tried the Walmart brand, but since he wears a XXWide, they hurt his feet. Does anyone know where I can find toddler cowboy boots for under $30.00??
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Go to Sierratradingpost.com. I bouht all my grandchildren Ariat fatbaby boots offf there. They send me free disscount emails every day. Extra 40 percent off thousands of item s today. I only paid 22.00 a pair for 90 dollar boots. Lots of good quality cowboy boots that people like me who have horses would buy, not cheap crap from Walmart, etx that isn't made from leather.
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