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HOT!!!! Kids adorable vinyl chairs starting at $23.99 with free shipping!


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I came across this website looking for kids chairs. I wish I knew how to post pics, hopefully someone will do it for me.



They have the cutiest chairs and right now they are really good prices! They have a really cute "spooted dog" mushroom stool for $21.99, oh and you have got to check out the "smiling monster" fuzzy upholstered kids couch. They have a blue and white vinyl kids arm chair that has the "retro" look. They are so CUTE!!!!!!!:D


They have a 5% off coupon code too. It is C8 good until 12/25. They have other stuff that is also liquidation but I haven't gotten that far yet, lol.

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Thanks tlock1945 for posting the pics. I didn't know about that review site. Shoot. Well if their customer service is still that bad they better hope they get my order right. My hubby loves to argue (he should have been a lawyer, lol) and he ALWAYS ends up getting free stuff.

No problem!:)

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