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Black & Decker Cordless Power Scissors $9.99 @ Amazon.com SAVE 72%


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Awesome DEAL! Amazon.com has the Black & Decker SZ360 3.6-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Power Scissors

List Price: $35.79

Price: $9.99 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime

You Save: $25.80 (72%)





Technical Details

3.6-volt cordless power scissors for use on fabric, cardboard, paper, tarps, more

Up to 70 minutes continuous run time on one charge for your cutting needs

Durable plastic body, soft comfort grip, ergonomic in-line blade design

Includes scissors, universal cutting blade, and charger

2-year warranty


These scissors offer way more cutting power than just about anyone can muster with muscle alone, and best of all, it’s effortless. You can’t help but love a product that makes life so much easier, especially for folks who suffer from arthritis.

You can cut nearly anything with these, from delicate pattern paper to sheet vinyl flooring and window screening, with just the press of a button. Our favorite job for these, though, is to easily slice into that impossible-to-open, hard plastic packaging that seems to be on most everything these days. It’s no match for these scissors.


When power scissors first came out, there wasn’t too much concern about ergonomics, but we know so much more these days about how important that is. Black & Decker’s made this power tool a treat for the body to use, with a nice cushy grip, super light weight and no force needed.


One charge will keep you cutting for 70 minutes, and then you just plug it in and charge it again. There’s no end to what you can use these power scissors for – gift wrapping, sewing, scrapbooking, decorating, jobs around the house, crafts, clipping coupons.



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These are wonderful for gift wrapping and opening those tough plastic packages.

I bought them last year before Christmas and ended up giving several pairs as gifts.


My Mom has weak hands due to chemo and these are a wonderful help for her.


Target has them in colors but they are $19.99.

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