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circuitcity.com has turkey day specials online now!


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They had the microsoft office for $69.99 like bestbuy, but at CC it ships free. Don't forget cashback sites when ordering!

I got it at Staples for $59.99 after rebate. the rabate you do right after orderin and get a $20 Visa card. I also went thru Ebates to Staples since MyPoints does not have Staples.

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I wonder walmart will match the printout price for guitar ds tomorrow?


Walmart stores won't match online prices (not even their own).


This is from their website:

Our local stores do not honor Walmart.com pricing or competitor advertisements from outside of a store's local trade territory.

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Found this is this good for $19.99 SanDisk 8GB Standard SDHC Memory Card? Says its saving $140.00. Is that right?

I need a good 4bb but as long as 8gb doesnt slow down the camera that works too! Any ideas?

Be careful...some cameras cant handle an 8gb card. Matter of fact, I'd venture to say most consumer-level digicams cant handle one that big. I think 4gb is about the avg capacity for digicams. Check your manual just to make sure!

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I cant decide if I should get the wii guitar games and stuff or the DS... help its for my 7 year old ds. I know nothing about them!

It really depends on if you want him to play with a life size Guitar or a handheld game system. The WII won will be on TV while the DS on a handheld system. He can take the DS game in car rides ect while he cant the wii one.

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