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Target sent me a $25 e-giftcard due to Britax car seat cancellation!

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I called and complained. I even called corporate guest services. I called like 5 times about it. My friend who complained just checked and she did not get one yet either, but I am wondering if they are being sent out in waves just like the cancellations were. I did threaten legal action, and there is wording that if I use it, I release them. Here is part of it:


Target.com strives to offer you the best value and accurate prices

on all of our merchandise. Our teams will continue to monitor our

pricing systems to ensure we deliver the experience you should expect

from Target. Although our online pricing policy was followed, we know

you were disappointed when your order was cancelled. As an apology

for your experience, we'd like to provide you a $25 e-GiftCard to use

on Target.com. Please use the following unique e-GiftCard number when

placing your next order


By redeeming this e-GiftCard, you acknowledge full satisfaction and

release of any claims against Target relating to this pricing error.


As a valued guest, your business is very important to us. It’s our hope

to be given the opportunity to serve you again as a Target.com guest.


Just in time for the BF online sales! Nice!

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I didnt see an expiration date.. I bet we can use it whenever.. I cant imagine them putting restrictions on it. I flagged it so incase there is a question I can send them the email. This was a nice gesture.. but I am suspicious... I wonder if they had a class action suit threatened because we have all had things canceled last year and I sure didnt get 25.00. Maybe it is because they did apparently send a couple out before it was caught. *shrug*
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I just got one, too! Not as awesome as the Britax "deal," but still a pretty great thing for them to do. I wonder if I'll get a second one since I placed 2 orders (one through Target the other through Amazon)? I'm not trying to be greedy, and I'm more than thrilled I got one... I'm truly just curious.



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My hubby made a good point that after their markup on stuff this is not costing them much money to do, and it also may spur spending on the site in the next week. They did do this just in time for the BF/CM online deals. So, they give us $25 to get us to go spend more!
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