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March Of The Penguins (Widescreen DVD) $3.50 @ Walmart.com SAVE 82%


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GREAT deal for a GREAT movie! Walmart.com has the March Of The Penguins (Widescreen) DVD


List Price: $19.97

You Save: $16.47 (82%)




The following content was provided by the publisher.


In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family. This courtship will begin with a long journey - a journey that will take them hundreds of miles across the continent by foot, in freezing cold temperatures, in brittle, icy winds and through deep, treacherous waters. They will risk starvation and attack by dangerous predators, under the harshest conditions on earth, all to find true love.


"Crittercam: Emperor Penguins" - penguin diving and feeding documentary; "Of Men And Penguins" - The incredible filmmaking process of the movie; "8 Ball Bunny" - A classic WB animated short with Bugs Bunny and a penguin.Documentary, Featurette.



Grab it HERE

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