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GET BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ONLINE - Full details here, read before posting questions!


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We're getting a lot of posts about purchasing Black Friday deals online. As we do every year, we have that covered in every possible way:



First, we have a list of ad items that can be ordered online NOW at Black Friday prices. View that list here:


BF Ad Items Online NOW: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/Online


The list is pretty bare right now, but as the week goes on and especially on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, this list will get pretty full. We have quite a few people who will be helping keep this updated, so we'll try to have the latest information on the page. Because things go in and out of stock quickly, the list may not always be 100% accurate, but we're all working hard to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Also, when you are browsing the ad item listings on the Black Friday site, items with the blue shopping cart icon are available now at BF ad prices. Those are the same items on the list linked to above.




Next, we have the Online Black Friday Sales dedicated sub-forum where we'll be posting many online Black Friday sales from both traditional and online-only stores. View that forum here:


Online BF Sales Forum: http://forums.gottadeal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=87


You can discuss all the online sales in that forum. We'll be posting the latest information as soon as we get it - this includes things like which items will be online, what day, time and time zone stores will put their items online, etc... so check it out. This was a very popular forum last year (especially during that period from Wednesday night until Friday morning) so we're making it even better this year.

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