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PHILOSOPHY has free shipping through the weekend


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GBREADGIFT free gingerbread man lip shine w/$25 purchse


PBDAY1008 free purity foam 4 oz.


GREETING11 free 4 oz. amazing grace body wash


Only choose one of these Free Offers, as the site will only accept one.

I entered all 3 and it gave me body wash. I really wanted the lip shine. I called and they said the higher priced offer is given away as the free gift. So, if you only want a particular one as your free gift, only enter one code.


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I have some here at home waiting to give at christmas. I did smell them. Here is my review of what I have. I will rate from 1 to 5. 5 being the best.


Cinnamon Buns- 5 smells like frosting

Mimosa-4 smells like oranges

Margarita-4 smells lemon- limey

Bare your Soul- 4 smells like a flowery lotion

Eggnog- 5+ smells like eggnog

Hot Cocoa- 5+ smells like chocolate

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If QVC has them as a 'today's special', the deals there can be much better than the site. QVC also has larger sizes in some items.


I'm addicted to their perfume "Pure Grace", it's light, clean and not overpowering. I have to watch scents with my migraines and this has never caused a problem. I've even had total strangers stop me to ask what perfume I'm wearing.


The shower gels wear off very quickly, so you won't walk around all day smelling like a cup of cocoa or a margarita. :D


Too bad the codes aren't stackable. I could use more 'Purity Made Simple'.

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I love the Amazing Grace hand cream. I put it on hours ago and I can a/ still smell it even after washing b/ my hands are so soft and not dry even though it's freezing outside and I haven't worn gloves yet.


The Green Thumb package on the hand cream is one of the better deals I've found on it.

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I love amazing grace shampoo. My hair is normal to oily and it makes my hair smell so good. I buy the Amazing grace todays best value sets on QVC. It's the only thing I've ever bought from QVC. I also love cinnamon buns and the whole basic skin care sets. Anyways, I don't ever buy from Philosophy website since QVC or Sephora is always a better deal.
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