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Disney Sing It Bundle with Microphone for Nintendo Wii


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Does anyone know where I can find this with a discount? It is about $60 and my daughter would really love it but it is really too expensive considering we just bought the Wii console. Just wondering if anyone has seen it for less or has seen a deal that would work for it anywhere.
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If you do not find it for less , let me add that we have that Disney sing it. My girls LOVE it they play it all the time so it will be worth the cost in the end.

Even my son who is 12 does it with them, it's really funny to watch him try and sing Hanna songs.


Good luck in your hunt!



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Thanks for all the ideas. I wish the 25% was good on videos, That would have been the kind of deal I really need. I wish i thought my son would like it but he has DECIDED to hate Disney Radio. lol If they had a SIng It for Contemporary Christian music like the teens at church listen to, he'd be thrilled.
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