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Lowe's or Home Depot Coupons or Discounts


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PAY for discount cards???? Bet you could get them free on freecycle.org. That's usually where I give away coupons I will not use

I got my coupons for 20% off at Home Depot on eBay to use at Lowes. I paid a couple bucks for it, I've never seen them on Craigslist or Freecycle and I used them for buying carpet so it was well worth that money!

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If anyone else has a coupon they won't be using it would be much appreciated. We've gutted our bathroom and have a lot to purchase in putting it back together



Tip:If you open a credit card you can get a choice between 10% off or 12 months 0 interest. Also I found in NJ that some lowes have cheaper prices on same products. Online they have a star next to them and says reflects a lower local price. I just purchased vanity, shower kit and toilet each about a hundred dollars cheaper by going to the store "out of the more affluent area". In that store they had them listed as clearance. Scored an 18" vanity with cultured marble sink for $44.00 So check stores online at different locations maybe you can benefit in the same way. Good luck with your bath. My total for 2 vanities, 2 faucets,shower kit, toilet kit, mirror, delivery @1350.00. :)

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