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Radioshack.com TomTom one 79$ and free shipping


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I am planning on getting my little brother, who is 21 and away at college, a GPS for Christmas. I know this is a refurb, but it's a good brand and quite frankly, I'm hesitant to spend a whole ton on it b/c, being away at a large school, he's already had his laptop stolen, etc etc. But, he's 3 hours from home and is consantly calling my dad saying he's lost and then my dad has to try to figure out where he is and navigate him to where he needs to go...


My question on this unit is, one of the reviews says you have to pay $89 to get updated maps, yet the specs say it includes the HOME service which updates the maps ("TomTom HOME service future-proofs your ONE with map updates, software and other downloads"). So, do you really have to pay for updates? I'd rather spend a little more and get him a new one that doesn't require an $89 update if that's the case.

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I have a Tom Tom one and update the maps myself every couple of months, using the Home software, it's super easy. I have never paid a dime for updates personally and wouldn't trade my Tom Tom for anything. It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles but I don't know why you would need them, honestly.
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