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Video Gaming Chair -- or something else?

Dena Neal

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My 11 DS is asking for a video game chair for Christmas. Does anyone have any idea which chair is the best -- and where I should shop? I was also thinking about beanbag chairs. I don't think that he wants a chair that has speakers, electronics etc -- so I think a beanbag may be more comfortable... please help!! 11year boys are super tought to buy for -- just getting out of the toy age:eek:
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My oldest son (14) had a video game chair witht he speakers and stuff but it only lasted a year. :(


This year he asked for this:




Video Bean Bag, Red and Black




I ordered it site to store for FREE SHIPPING


It has good reviews and costs a lot less than an electonic one. There are different colored ones also. I looked at these online last year also but they were all sold out.



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My son had one that his games could plug into for surround sound, after 6 months is was broken and he never uses it anymore.


Do you have cats? My cat used our beanbag chair as her litter box. It was pretty gross, not usre what caused it.:no:

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