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Fred Meyers great deal on Ds


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I just found the best deal at Fred Meyers on the Ds. Right now they are having a 3 day sale 13-15 you buy any thing for $50 you get $10 off, $100 is $20 off and $150 is $30 off. Well this week at Fred Meyers there is a deal on the Ds if you buy the Nintendo Ds for $129.99 and a game $19.99 you get a $10 gift card. So here is what I did I bought the Ds and the game total 149.98 and I than bought a $9.99 car charger for it my total was

159.97 so then I applied the $30 off in store coupon and essentially got the DS system the game and the Charger for $129.97 and a $10 gift card to boot. Not a lot of people have a Fred Meyers but for those who do it’s a great buy. Also all the toys totaling over $50 you also get a $10 gift card and of course the $10 off coupon for being over $50 so I bought a Vtech kids digital camera $59.99 got $10 off used my $10 gift card from the Ds and got a $10 gift card back so I paid $29.99 for the camera. I am loving Fred Meyers today. :cheesy:

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Thanks again for posting this!


I went in and got the DS, a game, and a case- rang up $159.97, so after the $30 discount, I basically paid retail for the DS, then got a game, case, and $10 gift card for free. (Just an FYI, in case anyone else is interested in this deal- the case shouldn't have counted towards the $150 electronics purchase, but the guy did an over-ride and let me get it anyway.)


My son is going to be SO excited Christmas morning; and I will be too, because he'll stop stealing my DS! :)

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Me, too! For the longest time I completely overlooked Freddie's because their regular prices tend to be high, but last year, they had GREAT deals on toys and had those % off coupons- I bought tons of Christmas presents there for much cheaper than WalMart/TRU/Amazon. Plus, they rarely sell out of items because most people assume that the other stores will be cheaper and never check out Freddie's. :)
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