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Looking for a 1 way flight from New York City/North Jersey to Tucson


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sorry i can not findthe postingfrom before i tried to find it but couldnt but here is a better price fior the person going to tuscon


Multiple destination

Flight 1: Philadelphia, PA (PHL) to Tucson, AZ (TUS)



Note: The prices shown below are for the flight only; they are e-ticket prices and include all flight taxes and fees. If your itinerary requires paper tickets there will be an additional charge. Prices do not include baggage fees or other fees charged directly by the airline. These results cover a metro area with several airports. Review your choices carefully.


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$94.00 + $31.50 taxes & fees = $125.50




6:00 am Depart Philadelphia (PHL)

Arrive Tucson (TUS) 1:01 pm Sun 23-Nov

Duration: 9hr 1mn United 333 / 243 / 6818

Connect in Chicago (ORD), Denver (Denver Intl.)




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$94.00 + $31.50 taxes & fees = $125.50




11:55 am Depart Philadelphia (PHL)

Arrive Tucson (TUS) 8:11 pm Sun 23-Nov

Duration: 10hr 16mn United 2948 / 745 / 6565

Connect in New York (LGA), Denver (Denver Intl.)




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on the last post i forgot to put what airlines now i cant find it DUH moment! anyway i found something better


$74.00 + tax & fees


Take off $10 Instantly from the Total*

US Airways

Flight 1451 752

More Information Philadelphia (PHL)

Charlotte (CLT) 03:35pm - 24Nov, Mon

05:18pm - 24Nov, Mon Nonstop



US Airways

Flight 1851 319

More Information Charlotte (CLT)

Tucson (TUS) 05:55pm - 24Nov, Mon

08:16pm - 24Nov, Mon Nonstop




Flight Duration : 6hr 41min Layover Time : 0hr 37min Total Trip Time: 7hr 18min









Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (PHL) to

Tucson, Arizona, United States (TUS)

Mon 24/Nov/2008






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Frontier Airlines

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$ 74.00 + $ 239.00 + $ 168.00 + $ 646.50 + $ 255.00 + $ 268.20 +

$ 145.00 + $ 157.00 + $ 163.00 + $ 208.00 + -- --



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(+) Fare indicated is exclusive of taxes and fees.





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$74.00 + tax & fees


Take off $10 Instantly from the Total*

US Airways




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