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Box of Holiday Must Have's Compare @$104.91 TODAY $7.99 @GraveYardMall.com


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I am really thinking about getting one of these to use the individual items as prizes in our Holiday Games that we play! :fluffy: Graveyardmall.com has their Box of Holiday Must Have's as a Daily Deal Today...

429bhmh Compare At: $104.91 Our Price: $7.99




Stuffing Cage: Chrome-plated Stuffing Cage fits into a 14+ lb. bird, holding 2 boxes worth of stuffing. When the turkey's done, out comes the stuffing-all the stuffing! Nothing's left in the bird! Dishwasher safe


Garnishing Gourmet: Turn your appetizers, fruit and vegetables into holiday masterpieces 13 pc. kit includes:


1 Easy Grip Handle

3 Stainless Steel Depth Cutters

1 Core Remover

4 Piece Canape Makers

1 Recipe Book

1 Juicer

1 Spiral Slicer

1 V-shaped Decorator


Jokari Wine Stones & Drip Collar: Now everyone can remember who's glass is who's. Also includes a drip collar for your wine bottle. 6 wine stones come with a place card holder ring, so you can also let everyone know where they're sitting.


A Christmas Collection (3-CD Set): 36 all time favorites on 3 cd's featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir


A Currier & Ives Christmas Collection (3-CD Set): 38 all time favorites on 3 cd's


2 - Christmas Stockings: Get two 17.5" Christmas Stocking with one of several winter scenes on them.


Snowman Boxed Earrings: Stainless steel ball earrings are presented in a very cute little snowman gift box.


Handful of Mini Christmas Bows: We're going to guarantee at least 6, but in reality, we're just going to grab a handful and toss them in with the rest


Baptiste: Journey Into Power Vinyasa Yoga DVD: Becase lets face it, when the holidays are over, we're all going to need to lose some extra pounds. 30 Minute beginner level dvd.


Lot's of STUFF for $7.99! ;)



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I don't want to discourage anybody from buying this, but it is a real possibility you won't have this in time for your holiday party. It takes a very long time (in my experience with all 3 items I have purchased from them) to get them to ship an item. For example, I placed an order on October 2nd and it has not been shipped yet (confirmation e-mail states you will receive package no later than 2 weeks).


So, just something to think about..



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The worst part (for me) about this company is I can not get them to respond to my e-mails or phone calls. Believe me, my messages started out nice, just simply questioning the timeline but now, they are a little "less nice". I have asked for a refund for my last purchase and still have not received one or a message back. I can't do business with a company like this.


I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website (which they are rated as unfavorable) and it states they have 4 employees, so obviously this is a very small operation. They had the phone number listed for the president (which I called and was disconnected).


I feel a very high level of frustration!



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