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$2.99 Mousepads, free shipping, $25 off and $15 off custom photo gifts at CherryPress


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Last year I bought almost all of my Christmas presents from http://www.cherrypress.com. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the products and the gifts were a hit with everyone. I just thought of things that each person might like. For example, my sister in law is on a roller derby team so I put her team logo on a belt buckle. My father in law plays the bass so I made him some bass clef t-shirts. I did family photo mousepads and ornaments for the grandparents. The quality of everything was excellent and my gifts were a hit. Cheap to boot.

Anyway, these are the coupons that I found and tested. All seem to be working. The mousepad one also works just as a free shipping code. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be stackable.


TWF60 $25 off $60 purchase

FFT40 $15 off $40 purchase

MPD299 $2.99 Mousepad with free shipping


Here's a pic of my favorite thing. It's a flip top lighter. It came in a little gift tin with a molded velvet insert. The quality was excellent. As good as zippo I would say for 1/4 of the price.


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It did that to me too but when I clicked the pay now button (they use paypal) it changed to my english account. I think paypal just assumes that if you you are buying something from a website based in china, you must speak chinese too. I don't know, but it wasn't a big deal to get past it. Last year I didn't notice that problem.
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