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Backpacks at K-mart for $6.00


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This one in Pink and brown ( for 10 yr old girl that is girly and thinks shes older then she is lol)



These two tink ones for the 9 year old twins*they just turned 9* ( now this one I struggle with is it to babyish? The twins are NOT on age level more of a 6/ 7 year old level but I'd hate for them to get made fun of) I think Tink rocks lol They do still play with dolls ect






This one in Black for the 14 yr old boy and in Pink 11 year old girl.( I know the 11 yr old will like it as shes our biological daugther and I know her style) I didnt get our lil boy one as they didnt have one her could use i'll pick one up at the store before Christmas . Do you think these are ok for the ages?



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