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We are needing to find two cheaper Tv's for the childrens room. ( LOW price lol) Actully we need to find 3. One 13 inch for the lil girls room and then two 19 inch Tv for the bigger kids rooms. They don't have much room in their bedrooms so it would need to be a flat screen ( or one that is just thin) . We won't have the money to get these until about the 15th of Nov. How much money do you think we are looking at spending? It does not have to be name brand ect just something that can hook up to Cable and play a Xbox on.
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I just bought an AOC 19" LCD @ Office Depot for $229 plus tax. I think that may have included 10% off by signing up for their rewards program? I purchased it to use as a secondary TV for my Wii and it seems to be a decent little TV.
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