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Cusinart or Kitchen Aid Food Processor


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Hi there,

I'm looking for any deal on 7 or 9 cup food processors.


I saw the KA 7 cup one going for $89.00 on Amazon. Has anyone seen any better deals?


Also--what are your thoughts about getting the 7 cup, vs 9 cup one? I'm kinda torn....I'm thinking I'll probably not need the 9 cup since we have a small family. Then again, I can think of a few occassions I made some soup & the 7 cup was way too small.

Any thoughts on which brand is better?



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Well, since I found a good deal at Macy's (I had a coupon + they sent me a gift certificate to use w/ my Macy's card) I got the 14 cup Cusinart. I really need the bigger one--I was concerned with some of the reviews on the KA not handling chopping veggies/cheese very good if the bowl was over 1/2 full.


So, since I already had a Cusinart, & this particular model (DFP-14BCHN) is very similar to my 7 cup older one, I decided to go for it. I know I'll see it on sale on Black Friday (I can't wait that long LOL) but at this time, I think getting it for $183 (including tax) is a pretty good deal! :)

Thanks for your comment! I'm really looking forward to making bread in it--all the reviewers pointed out the 14cup Cusinart is awesome for making dough.

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