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Digital Picture Frames on Black Friday?


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I'm sure there we'll be. On the main GottaDeal.com site:




we've posted deals for 5.6" frames for $29 and 7" frames for $35-39 in the last few months, so you can expect similar prices in the ads. Of course with digital frames you usually get what you pay for, so if you go cheap, you might not get as good picture quality or other features as if you spent a little more.

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Check out the Ace Hardware BF ad that Brad has already posted. It has a digital frame for $59.00. Not sure the quality and it looks like you can get them cheaper from what Brad said but it was one of the things we are going to check out at Ace on BF! Never thought that would be a place we would go but we are going to check out the frames and the digi cam binoculars for my dad!
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Mark my words.. Digital Frames will be H O T this year! I have two 15" ones that I paid out the rear for on Thinkgeek.com (which I HIGHLY recommend!) and I love it! It's Wi-Fi.. and I can connect it to my flickr stream. PLUS, on my flickr stream, I have a pro account so anyone that tags their photos with wx4svrframe gets their pictures sent directly to my picture frame here in my house. I have two of these and LOVE THEM! Check these out, they are a bit pricy, but they are AWESOME!


Edit: I just checked ThinkGeek.com and they don't have my model anymore.. I will hunt mine down and post a link to it if anyone is interested.

Edit2: FOUND IT! =) WOW.. price has come down! I got it for $450 when it first came out. It's now down to about $300.



Generous internal memory (10GB)

Built-in multi format card reader

Embedded 802.11b/g wireless connectivity

Share pictures with Windows Vista or XP AND Mac OS X

Web enabled for photo sharing through popular sites (Flickr or Photobucket, etc.)

Plays MP3, WMA audio files

Plays WMV video files

Automatic slideshow

Audio slideshow

Built-in stereo speakers


USB to thumb drive, camera, etc.

Onscreen menu system via touchscreen; customize to your style

Remote control for convenient use

Landscape or portrait orientation

Desk top or wall mount

Removable desktop stand

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My sister in law is wanting an 8x10 digital frame. I'm assuming that's about the size of 8.5 lcd screen, am I wrong? :confused: I know walmart has one for 40 but I'm trying to avoid walmart this year. Target needs to be my first stop (for ghwt). Thanks for any advice.



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Im looking for an 11" for a good buy. Office Depot has an amazing deal, but the store near me only has 4, and I know I will never get there early enough. The deal they have is a $239 frame for $99!!

Does anyone know if these come with USB cables, or do you need to buy extra things to be able to hoop up to your computer to upload the photos??

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