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Big Lots first "Deal of the Day" 10/21/08


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I just received my first deal of the day email from Big Lots. I tried to go to the site to get a link, but the site is not advertising yet?




Anywho, here is the first day's worth...



(of course I can't get it to post, so I'll just give you descriptions)



Sony Bravia 40 in 1080p





Samsung 40 in 1080p






please delete if not a proper thread or the right place to post...thanks!

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Actually, if you'd rather have an LCD than a plasma, this is a good deal. Especially for a Sony Bravia. I don't mean to sound snotty, but for some people an LCD makes better sense than a plasma. For example, we are military and having to move a plasma every 3 years or so isn't a good idea.
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I can't figure out how to shop online either! I click on shop online and it goes back the the deal of the day only. Any other link seems to go to in store items. I'm also not thrilled with their return policy - you pay all shipping and there is a 15% restocking fee. Cost is based on item(s), weight, size and destination. The pulled our store and the closest one is 85 miles so this looked like a great deal. If anyone figures it out, please post. :(
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fyi my husband just got a 46 inch plasma 1080p for 1116. so there 40 inch lcd really is not that great of a deal.

I'm sorry, and I don't mean to offend, but this is like saying that I just bought a Kia Sorrento for $18,000 so that $22,000 deal on the Mercedes C300 isn't a good deal. Without a lot more information for relational purposes, the comparison is moot. I'm not saying your deal isn't better, but without more info, its like comparing apples to oranges.


HDTV's vary so much in quality and features... Do you have a link to your husband's 46 inch plasma so we can check it out? If you got a Polaroid 46 inch plasma, I'd probably say the Sony Bravia is a better deal. But if you got a Samsung 46 inch plasma, I'd say you probably got a smoking deal.

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I just saw a 46" LCD Magnavox at Costco for $699.99 with built in HD tuner. So Big Lots is really not having a big sale?





IMHO, I wouldn't spendmore than $100 on anything with a Magnavox name on it... even a 46 inch LCD HDTV...


Sony and especially Samsung are well respected in the HDTV community right now, along with a few others.

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