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Wii Music - Preorder Now Get $20 Off Next Games Purchase At Amazon.com


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The game doesn't seem like it would be a lot of fun. I could see my kids getting bored with it really quickly.

Those were my thoughts exactly. I could find 1 review on the amazon wii forum, but that's all that I found. They gave it an A-. I can't see my girls wanting to play the horn or violin with the Wii, but I guess that I could be wrong!


This really is a nice deal, OP. I just bought Mario Kart last week and have Guitar Hero World Tour on pre-order. I wish that we had more feedback on the game itself.

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I've been debating on this one as well...can't find any reviews yet as it's new. My kids (and hubby) are all musical and love Guitar Hero, Rock Band (we don't own this one though), etc. My oldest son wanted to play the violin and some horns, but ended up drumming for band and is learning guitar & bass from my hubby, while playing the Casio keyboard too. :cheesy: I do have the Wii Guitar Hero World Tour on pre-order already, so I'm wondering if that would be enough...it's pretty pricey!
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An important FYI from the description!

"Drum Mode: In the one mode that uses the Wii Balance Board accessory (sold with Wii Fit), you can feel what it's like to play a real-life drum set. You'll use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as drumsticks, and place both feet on the Wii Balance Board-which work as virtual pedals for the bass drum and hi-hat cymbal."


I was considering it until I saw that, I am a drummer but sold my set when we started a family. I have been drooling over RockBand for Wii and our Walmart has the drumset for it on clearance for $50 think I will be keeping that on my holiday list instead.

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